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In the enthralling new Breconridge Brothers trilogy, three noble brothers—London’s most scandalous rakes—are about to do the unthinkable: settle down. 

A Sinful Deception 

Lord Geoffrey Fitzroy leads a charmed existence. As the second son of the Duke of Breconridge, he has none of the responsibilities of his older brother and all of the advantages, leaving handsome Geoffrey free to enjoy his rakish pursuits. And pursue them he does, leaving hearts fluttering all over London. But one night, at a ball teeming with high society's most sought-after beauties, only one truly intrigues him: the regal, aloof, and mysterious Miss Serena Palmer...

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A Wicked Pursuit

As the eldest son of the Duke of Breconridge, Harry Fitzroy is duty-bound to marry—and marry well. Giving up his rakish ways for the pleasures of a bride’s bed becomes a delightful prospect when Harry chooses beautiful Lady Julia Barclay, the catch of the season. But a fall from his horse puts a serious crimp in his plans. more...

The Wylder Sisters Trilogy

In a sparkling historical trilogy filled with sizzling romance and irresistible Regency charm, Isabella Bradford introduces the Wylder sisters: three irrepressible country girls whose passion for life leaves their London suitors breathless. With all their escapades collected in one convenient eBook bundle, now is the perfect time to discover this witty, winsome series. more...

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